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Samuel 'Sam' Kuso is the son of Dan Kuso and Anubias Kuso and the younger brother of Persephone Kuso and the older brother of Sirius Kuso and Shio Kuso, and the biological son of Runo Fermin and the biological younger half-brother of Emica Fermin, who was accidently sent to an alternate earth filled with humans and ghouls where he was turned into a half-ghoul and befriended the ghouls of Haibu, including his future wife: Yoshiro Tsuzuki. He is known to the CCG as 'Dragon'.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Male


Human (formerly)

Artificial One-eyed ghoul


15 (before he vanished)

18 (when he returned home)

Birthplace: Earth

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Pale

Blood type: O

Nationality: Japanese

Rc type: Bikaku

Rating: A

Occupation: Waiter


Bakugan Battle Brawlers


Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Haos Aerogan


Dan Kuso (biological father)

Anubias Kuso (father)

Persephone Kuso (half-sister)

Sirius Kuso (maternal half-brother)

Shio Kuso (sister)

Yoshiro Tsuzuki (wife)

Yosuke Kuso (son)

Shiriko Kuso (daughter)

Xenia (aunt)

Sellon (aunt) †

Miyoko Kuso (paternal grandmother)

Shinjiro Kuso (paternal grandfather)

Barodius/Mag Mel (grandfather) †

Barodius' Father (great-grandfather) †

Runo Fermin (biological mother)

Emica Fermin (maternal half-sister)

Saki Misaki (biological maternal grandmother)

Tatsuo Misaki (biological maternal grandfather)


He was born with a condition called aphonia, meaning that he has been mute since birth, which he didn't mind, but after his transformation into a human/ghoul hybrid, he gained the ability to speak. But he still prefers sign language as his primary method of communication.

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